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About Us

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Legenda Madu Sdn. Bhd.’s primary function is to market the organic fertilizers produced by its related company, Biotop Organic Waste Management Sdn. Bhd., which also serves as a research, development and production entity. We offer a solutions–specific product range; also customized compost solutions for farm and plantation owners who may be facing particular challenges. Please contact us if you require a customized solution.

Our Composting Process
All LM–branded organic fertilizers are produced on site at our palm oil mill. Our composting plants utilize the open windrow method to aerobically compost the palm oil biomass and plant residue. We adhere to eco–friendly practices that recycle by–products from the palm oil industry. No toxic animal manure, dung or animal by–product is introduced into our composting process.

Our compost is made using only 100% plant residue.

This is carefully selected to ensure there is no cross–contamination.

It is then primed and arranged into windrows.

A compost–accelerator or inoculant that has been carefully prepared by our laboratory is then added.

The windrows are turned periodically using a compost turner to aerate and homogenize the mixture.

Turning is repeated over the course of more than 4 months to ensure that the compost matures evenly and completely.

Quality–assurance tests are conducted for maturity, aeration and nutrient content.

The finished product is then sieved and packed; ready for use on your farm or plantation!

Quality Assured
All our organic composts have undergone the strictest thermophilic and sanitization procedures to meet the rigid standards set by the US Composting Council, the European Union and the Australian Standard of Composting.